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willyrodriguezwastaken – flinstone gummy punchout lyrics


wrap me up
hold me tight
don’t let go
please don’t fight
move+in close
grab a hold
sing a song
don’t grow old
so lay down beside me don’t tell ur daddy, it’s six o clock and i’m slowly dying
for something special, play me some metal, before i scream, and start to go mental, f+ck all ur problems
i need some nyquill to dream about a future together, you’re so uptight and under the weather
flinstone gummies help us feel better

i need ur loveeeeee!!!!!! ohh f+ckkk!!!!!ohh f+ckkkkk!!!!
i need ur loveeee!!!! ohhb f+ckkkkk!!!! ohh f+ckkkkk!!!!
i need someone!!!! !oohhhh f+ckk!!!!!! !ohh f+ckkkkk!!!!

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