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wise intelligent – the globe holderz lyrics


[produced by ?]

[intro: wise intelligent]
in 1950, the aids virus was fed to nearly
300,000 black youths in africa
in the form of an oral polio vaccine by dr. hilary koprowski
who is currently the director of bio-virology at thomas jefferson university in philadelphia
today a child dies every minute of hiv/aids in sub-saharan africa. in the us, african americans represent 49% of all new aids cases

[wise intelligent]
the globe holders, the population controllers
the aids makers, dark nation depopulators
the contra trainers, american-n-z- bankers
the tower bombers, right-wing al-qaeda sponsors
hitler’s accomplice, 9/11 mission accomplish
free your conscience, in ghettos they k!ll our prophets
the juggernauts, the alphabet cops, the c-i-a-t-f-b-i
the coca crops, imported to local blocks
the five years for the black to the month that the cracker got
a powder (pound of?) pot, compared to a gram of rock
got blacks at 50% of the prison pop
the wackenhuts, the correctional corporations
the international planned parenthood federation
the forced abortion, forced sterilization
the sons of satan, operation: depopulation

[break: wise intelligent]
from 1924 to 1976, 32 states in the us utilized eugenics programs
to depopulate the country of so-called “weak breeds”
who were down-breeding the american population
some 65,000 black youths from public school
districts throughout the country were given biased iq tests
all who failed the test was sterilized against their or their parents’ will

[wise intelligent]
the diamond dealers, limb choppers and baby k!llers
the oil drillers, black nation resource stealers
the truth concealers, suppression of true guerrillas
patrice lumumba, nkrumah, laurent kabila
the people traitors, poor population enslavors
the black slash brown slash yellow baby creamators
the black slash brown slash yellow unity haters
the red slash white slash blue liberty wavers
eugenists, war imperialists, evolutionist, black womb pollutionists
the euthanizers, third-world birth sterilizers
n-z- sympathizers, financers of arm suppliers
the nuke ignitors, the world health organizers
the virus writers, small-pox ebola splicers
the throne of serpents, the worst death deservers
the devil worship, more power for every murder

[break: wise intelligent]
a 1996 exposé by the san jose mercury news doc-mented cia involvement in an nicaraguan drug ring, which poured thousands of kilos of cocaine into los angeles african-american neighborhoods in the 1980s. drug boss danilo blandon, now an informant for the dea, is now under oath for drugs for weapons deals with the cia-sponsored contras

[wise intelligent]
the club of rome, world bank the skull and bones
alhamdulillah engraved in the pope’s throne
the camouflage, the right vs. left mirage
bush and kerry got naked to pledge in the same lodge
the reagan years, illuminist presidents
every since they’ve been facing the obelisk
the kabbalists, harry potter is not a myth
this ain’t on radio, but this that sh-t!

[outro: wise intelligent]
the war on drugs has been a war on poor people
particularly poor urban african-american men and women
it’s well doc-mented that police enforcement of the new harsh drug laws
have been focused on low-level dealers and communities of color
arrest of african-americans have been about five-times higher than arrest of whites
although whites and african-americans use drugs at about the same rate
african-americans have been imprisoned in numbers
even more disproportionate than their relative arrest rates
it is estimated that in 1994 on any given day 1 out of every 128 us adults was incarcerated
while 1 out of every 17 african-americans adults males was incarcerated
the differntual and sentencing for powder and crack cocaine
is one glaring example of inst-tutionalized racism
about 90% of crack arrests are of african-americans
while 75% of powder cocaine arrests are of whites
under federal law it takes only five grams of crack
cocaine to trigger a five year mandatory minimum sentence
but it takes 500 grams of powder cocaine
100 times as much to trigger the same sentence for a white boy