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​​witchboy – ​chosan lyrics


i done kompleted all dat was aksed from meh
iy done rearranged, iy done dyvyde all was spoken

do not dare to preform sumn antichrist
infornt of myh structure
do not dare toh preform sumn antichrist
infornt off myh structure

recognize urself recognize u nott
iyy is chosan
rekognize yurself recognize u not
iy iys chosan

iy komplete the trylogyyh lyke christopher nolan christopher nolan
(iy kompleete de trylogyyh)
iy done placedt de artifakts insidte myne & now myh eyes swollenn
(myh eyes is+)
iy holdt upon de body of christ for khristianity iys callin
(iy am de one keepingk iyt alyve)
do not dare toh cross the lyne if uon recognize the sign, yu ain’t sacred & knowing
(iyt ain’t sakredt iyt aintt known)
iy reaalize iy holdt de all, iy reaalize ill have to fall for i am chosan
(chosan chosan)
do not dare toh make ah move do not dare to een advance i kan sense ur motioan
(iy kan sense yur motioan)

recognize urself recognize u not
iy is chosan
(iy iys chosan)

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