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wiz khalifa – amber ice lyrics


amber ice

gettin’ paid’s just a regular thing to us
cause if it ain’t gettin’ money, it’s strange to us
and if you don’t wanna smoke, you ain’t gotta pay
rolling up by myself trying to find a way
floating away, floating away
floating away, floating away

[verse: wiz khalifa]
i, swear i got so high, last night i don’t even remember goin to sleep
but i do know that these louis’s go in my feet
and the critics they feel how my lyrics do go over beats
twenty-k shoppin’ when dude go overseas
smokin’ weed in the most expensive suite
even though we ain’t supposed to be livin’ anywhere close to these people
how they gon’ hate on me, i got more bread than most of these people
don’t wish death on my enemies, i pour a toast for ’em
and keep positive energy and h-lla smoke for ’em
bombay and high-grade liquor for my n-gg-s
never seen a ghost in person, now she ridin’ in one
never seen a ghost in person, cost me five figures
that’s like fifty g’s a person if you ridin’ with us
to the sky’s limits, roll some weed, and get high with winners
my n-gg-s eating when it’s time for dinner