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wiz khalifa – o.n.i.f.c. lyrics



[verse 1: wiz khalifa]
god d-mn, i’m rich as f-ck, drunk as h-ll
throwin’ money, pick it up, life is good, live it up
how much for that bottle? put it on my tab
hop out like a model all them foreign tags
get so drunk and high, i’ll have to call a cab
you won’t end up giving it back if you had this for one night

[verse 2: wiz khalifa]
ooo, we in the club goin’ bizzurk
my og sippin’ on that sizzurp
i mix the og with the pizzurp
i o.d. spilled it on my shizurt
drinking bombay so i’m slizzered
my diamond chain lookin’ like a blizzard
so many rings, my fingers startin’ to hizzurt
if you didn’t know me you’d swear i had that wizzork
and i’m from pittsburgh

[verse 3: wiz khalifa]
roll one then i’ll light it, order one and i’ll buy it
if it’s green then i’ll try it, too drunk then i’ll drive
don’t know where i’m going, all i know is i’m flyin’
and that’s as real as it gets, make you feel like you the sh-t for one night

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