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wiz khalifa – the life lyrics


“the life”
(with curren$y)

[intro: wiz khalifa]
yeaahhh! it’s young khalifa man, curren$y the hot spitta…
look in the mirror man, ask yourself one thing ha ha ha ha.. how flyyy?.. yeaahhh!

[verse 1: wiz khalifa]
foot on the gas i’m fast livin’
picture me, i ain’t have no pot to p-ss in,
now i’m checkin’ bags
cheifin’ hash with politicians, helicopter pads
some hoes to get to know & h-lla’ zags, no tagsss
i ain’t one to brag but, if you ain’t trying to hear ’bout the money,
drugs, and women then i ain’t one to -sskkk
smoke so much that i’m goin’ brain dead, hoes mad at me cuz’ my phone’s off till’ my plane land
i tell her, woahhh… slow down baby, the spitta with me it’s enough to go ’round lady
you drive by, i give her wings, red bull and gin buckets, a couple of paper planes
broadcastin’ my name over internet airwaves,
b-tches hear me on twitter, put my music on they mysp-ce pagesss
if you smoke, then roll up and play this
me and hots’ll come where the planes is…

[verse 2: curren$y]
she said she wants to sip clicquot on my livin’ room floor,
smoke weed, hang with other famous people i know
gain access to exclusive places i go
lavish and dangerous, this the life i chose but i wouldn’t change it for nothin’
s-x, money, & drugs wrong way, sports cars and luggage
better to be somebody for one day, then to be a n-body for your whole life, so f-ck it!
yeah, get the cork out the bottles, put the purp in the e-z wider…
spitta in the house, hide your lighters, i’ll take em’
a case of mistaken ident-ty, my bad fool i coulda’ swore i brought this one in with me
in the cinnamon interior, 9-10 in early 80’s, box chevy with a crate engine
hijackin’ your women, you left her unattended
dr. jekyll and mr. fly when i’m on that liquor, the way of the samurai, i got my chi centered
sharp as blades these bars i layyy, forever the player and never playeddd,
i slay them b-tches i never saveee, bomb–ss trees they get blazeddd,
palm trees we use em’ for the shadeee
what else can i say i got it made like i had it built, taylor gang or get killed…