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wizard – serpents venom lyrics


wolf gets loose and giants run
the worlds will burn in war
the final fight, it has begun
nagelfar on asgards sh-r-

the army of the giants rise
with loki leading them
odins brother chose his side
brings death to gods and men

the forces clash on vigrids fields
in the longest winter time
sword and axes, spears and shields
kill trolls as well as lords divine

the serpent the serpent venom
the serpent meets the mighty thor
they fight intense and hard
the serpent the serpent venom

nine steps he takes before he falls
the mighty friend of ours
both are dead and fortune calls
prevail will all his powers!

lying on the field he’ll be
his life will go in fight
just like the way i wish for me
unforgotten shining bright!

the serpent the serpent venom
lokis child falls with a roar
but venom catches thor off guard!
the serpent the serpent venom