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woesxo - collect my soul lyrics


[verse 1]
a smile on your face i know i can’t replace
to me, you’re like a dream i’m tryna chase
i gotta catch your pace
your pretty brown eyes collect my soul
& girl, that’s okay
there ain’t another place that it would rather be
losing you’s a casualty
it’s all that’s ever happening inside my head
cus’ day to day, i feel you fade away
girl, i would rather death
i know we used to joke, but it was true to me
what’s true to you?
love me more than anything
i need to get this through to you
our souls are too connect for disconnection
hope you gеt the message
girl, you know wе’re destined
every time we speak, at least to me, there’s no corrections
girl, it’s all correct it feels so right to me
& rightfully i had to see you leave
but hopefully, you’ll see it in me that i got some decent in me
babe, would you believe it in me?

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