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woesxo - so much pain around lyrics


this the 12th song for you
& girl, i promise there’s more for you
i love you still

[verse 1]
it’s almost like you did me how i’m doing them
they talk to me, i ruin them
confusing them
it’s only cus’ i’m waiting for the day that you come through to me
i’m thinking “will you ruin me?”
of course not
girl, you’re like my soft spot
the reason why it’s all hot
used to be so cold
you took that snow & made it all stop
girl, you’re in my goals
i need to see you at the finish line
i’m done whenever you decide our distance could be minimized
i’m tired of seeing pain around
there’s tears & lettеrs hanging around like every room insidе my house
my sister crying tears too
father crying tears too
my mother crying tears too, for years too
scared to take me back & girl, i hear you
i promise there’ll be difference this time around

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