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woody guthrie – sally goodin’ lyrics


looked down the road, seen my sally comin’
thought to my soul i’d kill myself a runnin’.

goin’ down the road and the road’s mighty muddy
i’m so drunk that i can’t stand steady.

watermelon, cantaloupe, peach tree puddin’
ain’t half as sweet as my little sally goodin.

stove lid’s on, flap jacks a cookin’
stack ’em up high for my pretty sally goodin’.

kiss you all day and hug you all night
me and my sally gonna make it all right.

tell you stories and sing you songs
marry me sally and you can’t go wrong.

possum up a gum stump, dog on the ground,
pull my trigger and a possum comes down.

bring you sody and bring you candy
oh, my little sally, won’t that be dandy?

as we was watchin’ the winding key
sally got stung by a goggle eyed bee.

it’s every time you hold my hand
i walk over to the promised land.

sally come a kissin’ me on my cheek
i jumped over the buckeye creek.

what you gonna do when the wind starts a blowin’?
run straight home with my petticoat a showin’.

what you gonna do when the snow starts a flying?
run home to mama just a squawling and crying.

i’m not a lyin’ an’ i’m not a kiddin’
crazy ’bout th’ gal what you call sally goodin.

it’s the truth, i’ll tell you well,
if i can’t have sally, i’m bound for h-ll.

sally goodin, sally goodin. sally goodin. sally goodin.
sally goodin. sally goodin. sally goody, goody, goodin.