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workday release – summer love lyrics


i’m just sitting here waiting
for you to come my way
your face radiates with beauty
and this place ain’t changing
so let’s run faster now for the hilltops
our arms spread wide
we’re spilling out our lungs in song
just singing along
loving you is a lot like chasing the rain
you’re slipping through my hands
and i’m wishing for more cloudy days
so that you might stay here
don’t you think that you could just stay here?
instead of running off with the wind
stay and be my summer love
it’s not enough to be dreaming
of holding your hand
i need to breathe in your presence
to soothe my soul
and maybe then, i’ll let go
with you i find it’s easier to let go
in little to no time, you put a smile on my face
loving you is like counting one, twoвђ¦
three words is all it takes to show you
what you mean to me
so can we stay here above the city lights?
rest hand in hand
surely this is love
this is summer love
there’s not much to say when you’re here
but when you leave i’ll be singing for days
loving you leaves my dancing like a fool
a heavy case of awestruck wonder
surely this is love
this is summer love