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world5 – that kind of guy lyrics


if this ends up with you and i
or another man catches your eye
either way i’ll be fine
i’m not that kind of guy

because when i’m in a relationship
i stuff it full of things just to make it fit
— and my heart always pulls out of it
i’m just that kind of guy

i would bounce around, chasing tail
sometimes succeed, other times i’d fail
call my fams to pay my bail
i once was that kind of guy

i get to roam from town to town
though mom wants me to settle down+
with little ones running around
not yet that kind of guy

an uncle is what i love to be
i play with the kids, and then i leave
save some time just for me
i’m that kind of guy

i don’t care what i’ve been bestowed. nor about thе status quo
love is all i choose to know
i’m just that kind of guy
every yеar i lose more rest
yet veer away from the ills of stress..
knowing that i do my best
i’m just that kind of guy

i hover in the neutral realm. picking sides gets me overwhelmed
yet there’s no more battles at the helm
i’m that kind of guy

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