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worship – terranean wake ii – the second coming apart lyrics


mountains of ages
part to reveal a scar
that was forever here
and will to never lead

the rupture has come
crown of parasites
no broken silence
just breaking apart

we grew into the skies
on forgotten grounds
that shall tear down
our monuments of sand

the rupture has come…

grenzenlos das meer des flehens
am ende der zeit
geboren aus wüsten der seele
und wartenden jahren,

blind suchend in weihioser nacht
der irren wiederkunft –
wie w-sser aus stein
nur mehr ein ewiges nein

es war alles falsch

[boundless sea of supplication
at the end of time
born of the soul deserts
and waiting years,

blindly searching in ???? night
the madman’s return –
as water from stone
only an eternal no more

it was all wrong]