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wow owls – nominative was the case they gave me lyrics


climate control, i want to feel warm again. climate
control, pain down on me, the misery i love to heed.
chemical imbalance children are convictions using
training wheels to hold us up below sea level. we’re just
chemical reactions. oregon hill is a map of old friends
and acquaintances that i use to guide my way. puppy dogs
tag team tall tales to each other marching on into the
distance singing that song we know so well. hand in hand,
cheeck to cheeck. you can hear them screaming, l u i e
make them believe me we are the townies. what if all the
fireflies were poisonous? wed take cover every summer
just to retreat into our homes. just think about…think
about… i forgot. what was it like to go outside in the
summertime? this town is a retirement home. to say that
we’re safe is an overstatement of the way things seem.
pull back the skin, where i love to dig. remove
themarrow, the bones become hollow. pull back the skin,
remove the marrow and ill wipe this liposuction from my
hands. there will always be a celibration to drink that
we create ourselves. this hole is a hive, laced with
honey, still stings on the inside.