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wrath – fear itself lyrics


phobia grips my mind states my fear of nothing
commit myself to comatose my movement sees and end

my intelligence antic-p-tes an increase for suppression
wallowing with my diffidence screaming for an answer

an emptiness surrounds me leaving me to wither
i must shake this silly whim for there’s nothing left to fear

i have screamed my last dream
shadows reveal what i have seen
my fears have been charaded into nothingness
a fool was i to believe
in fear itself

a feeling of confidence overwhelming erupts within
my character
success over absurdity
coward not justified capacities insulted
exhausted of life in a sh-ll this trend’s to be broken

over my crisis and i don’t wish to die
laughing at my freight as it stares me in the eye
phobias an illusion of a weak-minded fool
controlling your emotions and possessing your rule

scared to die
hear my cry
ya ka bang!
i won’t fear to die