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wu – tang clan – spend money lyrics


(performed by lord superb & intrigue)

[lord superb:]
(don’t want none of that f-ckin money
uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh) spin
(uh-huh, alright, i’m here)
rakeem allah (i see you n-gg-, the god is here)
lord superb (better envision this rap sh-t)
(get money, through records, get money!)

yo, straight through the doors out the car (huh?)
swarmin, me and my mans towards the bar
he like, “none of that white stuff”
“cognac, ‘perb, none of that white stuff”
when i smiled at here, it’s like my breath was froze
she all up in my clothes, see my necklace froze
“miss, i don’t stand next to ho’s
‘less we runnin a train and i’m next to ghost”
i’m hearin whispers, ain’t that ‘perb from floor city?
cop the cris’, eight times $4.50
f-ck disco lights, i’m the disco sight
we gon’ all be rich if this go right

[chorus: lord superb]
spin (get money)
buy the bar, par (spin) i. arief
new to the farm (get money!) mingle
(get money!) network, n-gg-
spin (get money, n-gg-)
i’d like to give a toast to success

[lord superb:]
so we there for like forty minutes
they all around us, at least forty b-tches
i look over haters like corny midgets
and y’all broke boys is just h-rny pigeons
do my thing like that, bling like that
if cap want a wheel i’m like, “bring that back”
cream team hats and boots, ask them dudes
if they got a dutch and p-ss the booze

[chorus: lord superb]
spin (get money, n-gg-)
spin (get money)
spin, spin, spin (get money)
(get money y’all, get money)
mingle, mingle, mingle..
(uh-huh, get money)
drink.. (i hear that)
(i hear that)

[lord superb:]
first of all i go hard, my whole squad (go hard)
my whole goons go hard, come on.. (first of all..)
listen.. (money, money, money rule) see.. (what?)
i go hard (go hard) all goons go hard
get off me (go, go, go..) tell ’em dunn
i spin.. we laugh at jay, we past that state
serve her cheese steak, let her cash her cheque
feelin me faith ’til i cashed that cheque
hoped out my vet, blast at that
hoped out my coffin, laughed at rev
play the cd, my -ss ain’t dead
no needles, left that, i was a dusthead
see i don’t touch death or discuss death
don’t open no mail, i don’t trust fans
just bread, and we eat from the mess hall
and you can call brooke shields, tell her post bail
cuz i murdered n-gg-s on the ghost alb-m
it was charged for arson cuz i roast rappers
on a broke -ss stove with no matches
wearin old -ss clothes on no mattress
now we hit reggie jacksons with no practice
and ‘perb did movies, he ain’t no actor
i’m a far rock gangsta, i ain’t no rapper
tell the truth, i only know broke rappers
ghost put us on when he went cold platinum

[chorus: lord superb]
spin, spin, spin (get money, n-gg-)
(get money, n-gg-) spin, spin
(i’m ’bout to get it) i. arief
(spend it) we’ll spend it, mingle
mingle (go hard) come on!
(come on, come on, come on)
i hear that (i don’t see you go hard)
(come on) drink (get money)
(f-ck y’all n-gg-s gon’ do?)
(spend money, n-gg-)
n-gg-, spin (mad money, n-gg-)
(max money, spend money, max money)
n-gg-, spin (uh-huh, my thoughts sharp)
(uh-huh, uh-huh, my thoughts sharp)
and.. mingle (none of you n-gg-s know, you ain’t heard that)
buy the bar, drink (stay in pop, don’t max the cristal)
(don’t let none of these n-gg-s see ya face)
and spin (get money.. and.. get money, get money)
spin (get money, get money) spin
oh i thought so, i thought so
stapleton mothaf-ckas, huh? that’s what we about, huh?
oh, i thought so

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