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xander – one unread message (from the other side) lyrics


it should’ve been you instead of mac miller

[verse 1]
yeah, yeah
i’m making these messages
hoping someone intercepts this
mine fellowship with death
message me if you think

this life is in effect cursed
i’m morse coding the whole universe
getting a handle at coating
with computer code, i’m

mister anderson in his work shirt
finding universal words that hurt
combinations like i’m chemist
h double oh spelling trouble, oh

flowing like evian spelled backwards
making huge strides in my bubble
from where i attack from
while your turkey gobbles and gobbles

i air the gun out
on the double
chewing my gum, i
pop us like a bubble

i’m airing on the side of caution
though, portioning my anger more
than hulk hogan
beating robots in mind storm

i’m lode runner, you’re rihanna
and she’s cool but i’m smarter
cause my b-tch always has my dollar
and my back, she can holler back

cuz she swallowed best
when i’m stressed
never questioned my heft
i’m obsessed with her pink

she’s in love with my … persona
i’ll hug her back if i want to
i’m loving the “us”
i’ve been loving the trust
i’ve been loving the trust
but i’ve been loving the trust

you’re an interesting species
you’re capable of such beautiful dreams
and such horrible messages
so cut off