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xavier scott – preach lyrics


wait, wait
nick mira on the mix!
nacho, nacho

wait, i miss smoking weed inside a dark room
smoke that sh-t away i hope it ends soon
demons in my head like n-gga’ what you been through
i’ve been off my meds, like my n-gga’ yes i’m sick too
talkin’ to the feds, lil’ n-gga’ i don’t know you
pop another bean like i’m finna’ get my head loose. preach
they say i’m so cold, i’m like i been knew. preach
i’ve been smokin’ woods you smokin’ [?] inside a weed
pop another pill just so a n-gga’ get some sleep
wait, make body weak, wait. shhhh
i’ve been swerving, i been by myself ain’t need no help like a merchant
i got so much weed up in myself i think i’m hurtin’
everybody who been in my life and need advice, i got some sh-t in my past and that sh-t cut me like a knife
but now a n-gga’ making money, yeah all i gotta do is float like how the f-ck, and i just do this to myself i did it twice
all a n-gga’ need is help like f-ck the one and f-ck the price
and i don- and i don’t talk about my feelings, i just smoke and then i’m high
i got n-ggas’ in my face and lately they been switchin’ sides
like i’m tryna’ be myself and probably put away my pride
i, smoke so much a n-gga don’t even get high
why? i don’t know but now a n-gga doors is suicide
i, pull up in this sh-t and got a b-tch and yes she bite why?
pull up to this sh-t like just watch how a n-gga’ fly, uh
told that b-tch she love told her look me in my eyes, uh
then i got a b-tch and that b-tch she came from the side, side told that b-tch meet me outside, d-mn, told that b-tch i never told a lie
why she doing this to me but i don’t cry, sh-t, sh-t
i do this for a mil, my n-ggas’ reppin’ philly n-gga, like a motherf-cka’ meek mill
d-mn n-gga’ i pull up watch how the west-side tilt
ex n-gga’, up next n-gga’, got a bad b-tch, with a side best
a motherf-cka’ aiming at your legs n-gga’, at your chest n-gga’
d-mn i rather stay silent but if a n-gga’ test me i’mma’ pull up with my brothers real violent
like sh-t that’s a raf simmons, all of em, all of em
d-mn i don’t give no f-ck, b-tch, and tell a b-tch that we [?] em
wait, who the f-ck better my n-gga’?
pull up, we pull up berettas my n-gga’
my n-gga’ pull [?] jacket my n-gga’, that cool that b-tch look like leather my n-gga’
f-ck,i’m with them leathers my n-gga’, f-ck
we do not give no fu- we pull up in your section my n-gga’ you know that we battin’ like who is you checking my n-gga’
we pull in your section like who is this n-gga’
we f-ck on your b-tch and i better be better like woah