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​xaviersobased – klkmihijo lyrics


[intro: dj renessy and xaviersobased]
but, look bruh, aight? all the mamís, all the doñas, we takin’ em all, know what i’m sayin, we in dyckman this summer, you know what i’m sayin’, active, xavier gon’ pull up with the [chuchas????], know what i’m sayin’, all that bro, like…
and i swear to god, i love you
yeah, i swear to god, i love you
ah, yeah

yeah, whip it in the trap with my eyes closed (go)
yeah, gettin’ money, yeah i’m gettin’ gwap though (ah)
yeah, ¿qué lo que mi hijo? (¿qué lo que mi hijo?)
walk up in the trap, tryna serve kilos (tryna serve kilos)
walk in the trap, buckle seat, yeah, presidente
shoot at a n+gga then hе jumped off the puentе (yeah)
yeah i’m waiting on my time patiently, yeah paciente
p+ssy ass n+gga take a seat, yeah, asiento
walk in the club, all the hoes on my d+ck (yuh, yuh)
and the cops on my d+ck ’cause i walk wit’ a stick (ah)
so much money in my pocket that i’m walking wit’ a limp (walking with a limp)
and i pulled out the glock, shot a n+gga in the lip (shot him in the lip)
baggy jeans on my legs and these hoes cost a grip (yeah, they cost a grip)
if he gettin’ robbed, i’ma hit a l!ck (i’ma hit a l!ck)
paying for my team, man, i coulda bought a [grip?], bought a [grip?]
yeah i coulda bought a [grip?]
h+ll yeah, b+tch i coulda bought a [grip?], bought a [grip?]
(bought a [?], bought a [?], yeah, yeah, yeah)

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