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xayy – the flow lyrics


​[verse 1]
it’s the boy
going harder man you know i’m here to destroy
all these n-ggas childish i’m like here take this toy
why you talking smack you the one that’s unemployed
check yourself because i got the guns out deployed
there’s no way out this right here’s the one you can’t avoid
now they running cause they realize i’m annoyed
got you thinking twice, scared like you paranoid
that place that keeps you safe i burnt it down there’s a void
they ask me if i ever take a break i tell em no
everywhere i be i got the beat on the go
they not used to me i got em saying take it slow
walk in no i.d i got the beat for the low

get the beat for the low
want the beat spend the dough
take the heat spit that flow

[verse 2]
ready, i stay independent with my sh-t, debbie
mich-lle obama whip you with a stick, petty
they overplay my song it’s got me sick, already
i’m about to smash it with a brick, heavy
i got a certain horror with my clique, freddy
i’m flying like a drone i keep it sl!ck, steady
swimming with the paper hit a l!ck, plenty
i’m making sure the speakers feel the kick, shady
got machetes, in a chevy
so much in the trunk it’s looking thick, heavy
i be ten deep with my sh-t, times thirty
my craft is super clean suck my d-ck