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xiv – signs of degeneration lyrics


[verse 1]
the signs of corruption
rank with superstition
and the common faith
loses its position

without a given form or formula
we lose the relation
and individuality is done
signs of degeneration

[verse 2]
the signs of erosion
returning to the sea
the mountains wash away
we yearn to be free

without a given form or formula
we lose the relation
and individuality is done
signs of degeneration

isolated by industry
we buy our own souls back from them for a profit
blasting our landscape with fear and powerlessness
we turn in upon ourselves
accеpt our fate as worthless
and pacify the symptoms of our own disbеlief
which voices will and won’t be heard is carefully selected by the messenger
to separate, to alienate
false empowerment will keep you warm at night
with your eyes shut tight
so you won’t even see tomorrow happen
without a given form or formula
we lose the relation
and individuality is done
signs of degeneration