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xo killa kali - burn it down lyrics


[intro: xo k!lla kali]
i’m so sick and tired of the sh+t that’s going in this game right now
y’all looking real f+ckin’ weak, dog
i’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you
yeah, and f+ck it, if you lookin’ weak
we comin’ after each and every one of y’all
we ain’t stoppin’ ’til the game is ours

[verse 1: xo k!lla kali]
everybody better listen up closely
for the people that be keeping me back, i’ma be done with it, give ’em a bat
and to my friends, i’ma give ’em a pat
and when i get the game, f+ck it, i ain’t givin’ it back
evеrybody had a problem with the kid in the class that sat in thе back and showin’ his ass
well, back at you b+tch


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