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xv – andy warhol lyrics


andy warhol
(feat. slim the mobster)


[verse 1: xv]
drop the top on that continental gt
riding through, let everybody see he
that dude killing cyphers at award shows on bet
i spit like 24 bars, they told me only 16
but gave me one whole minute cause they gave me only 15
so in the meantime and in the between time
i had hoes that pick and rolled cause i was getting screen time
with tv commercials, everybody telling me “awesome”
even joey was like “woah! ” i was starting to blossom
the money was finally talking and often i heard what it was saying
but i was more ’bout making history than conversation
especially when you know how much time you wasting
and then you stared racing before your time run out

[hook: xv (slim the mobster)]
you got 15 minutes to shine, boy you better show out
everybody want a piece of that limelight, you better get up
(they say you got 15 minutes to shine
so i’m a grind like ain’t no time left
they say i got 15 minutes to shine
so i’m a ball ’til i foul out, no ref
they say i got 15 minutes
and i’m a get it cause the sky’s the limit, ya hear me
i only got 15 minutes
all i need is 15 minutes)

[verse 2: xv]
n-gg-s wanna be pop icons on they dot coms
stunting like they pop dom and living with they pops mom
you are not a rapper just because you turned a mic on
like you are not a blogger just because you bought a nikon
hate to crush your dreams but sometimes you gotta hurt
to see if they get up, i overcame so many hurdles
grew up around sh-lls and dudes with bandanas
d-mn, you would think i’m talking ’bout ninja turtles
big kid from a small town
with a hat they call the crown and a world they call round
now he leaps tall buildings in small bounds
give me 15 minutes ‘fore it all falls down
and labels don’t come around but what can they say?
they give one hit wonders one million, that sh-t cray
then you get 15 minutes once that hit fades
and paint your picture for you before you get to the grave
and then your time run out


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