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xxxtentacion – megaman lyrics


[intro: xxxtentacion]
ayy, ayy, ayy, gang

[verse: xxxtentacion]
i got black and white b-tches i call it zebra
little spots all on yo’ head like a cheetah
i heard that b-tch come from the jungle she a eater
you know my n-gg-s super savage they ‘gon feed her
got clock up on my c-ck, like flava flav how you do it?
demolition then i give this b-tch a break
you know my n-gg-s is shooting, no playstation
i know some n-gg-s they countin’ to spread hatred
they be like, x don’t send no texts, no how he do it?
i beat her down, her p-ssy runnin’, i’m talkin’ fluid
blessin’ blastin’, know i heard your n-gg-s boolin’
i got some b-tches, b-tches they need some seducing, crucially

[verse: ski mask the slump god]
woke up with a headache
slapped on the rack
i’m flashin’ this paper
she say she see that
she giving me dome
she said she can’t breathe
she still going hard
asthma attack
respect my mind and respect all my thoughts
supreme on my back, five panel hat
we playin’ chicago, so p-ss that sh-t back
them juicy j paper, get trippy off that
i puff and i p-ss, i’m bustin’ right through
you catchin’ a chill, ice on my neck
gotta throw up your set, that’s when them watches, the chains, the rings, be shinin’ the best
so whippin’ and cookin’ they lookin’ the best
they stain the steel from bangladesh
she scored like a hoop, she touchin’ herself
mind on that green like i’m layin’ the gr-ss
colored sprite it got me nice
d-mn i’m lookin’ swagged tonight
where the b-tch?
teeth, pearly white she tryna f-ck tonight
rollin’ up that grandaddy, now my head feel einstein
sittin’ back, pushing packs
mary jane my concubine