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xxxtentacion – xxl freshman freestyle: lyrics


and h-ll is just a government creation
and all the information they solicit isn’t nearly close to truth
it was clear since the alteration
of the books our children study when they said columbus discovered america oh, the ultimatum
of telling you the truth but oh well i’m already in h-ll
i’m tired of havin’ patience
so i’ma sell my soul and say some sh-t that f-ckin’ bothers you
jesus wasn’t white nor black, i can’t knock it
was somewhat a arab and one h-ll of a prophet
don’t understand why j. cole talkin’ ’bout false prophets
but didn’t mention higher-ups
change your name to amber cole
these f-cking entertainers is playing it by the rules
sucking government d-ck for safety to stay cool
i’m absolutely disgusted by all of you motherf-ckers
tie your throat, to a truck bed and pedal to metal quickly