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y2 – linda lyrics


look i was suitable
casual mona lisa
police pull up
how beautiful
get it ten four this is
getting crucial conflict
touché nonsense nauseous nonchalant
you know that croutons don’t always taste
good in salads
if that’s your truth then that’s your truth is what they all say
so this my truth f+ck what y’all say
and they say
you make the bed that you sleep in
i’m hardly in mines on weekends
i take my demons to deacons and hire housekeeping
i looked you in the eye
rotten fruit in the pie
not the coolest of pilots
you do it in silence
i’m bool off you
i been secluded like pirate
brand new to surprises
it’s too indescribable
throw in somе vices
like fries and spritе
with that attitude
after you
ima need parachutes
another random
temper tantrum
temperature outside is fit for tanning bed
but you choose hammers to my head
tripping like two shoes tied
no poo poo fly
be suicide to stay
i’m good off you like megan
could be nice
but you not human kind
you probably monster
why you always extra
petty ass pedestrian
we made the bed that we lay in
you found a hair in it later
was getting ready for vegas
you wanted housekeeping
linda listen
linda listen
look linda
listen first of all
she my real sister
listen linda
listen look linda
could’ve had em all
but i really didn’t
i didn’t
that’s just a housekeeper
i’ll be back around
when you need me most
try harder we’ll die harder
who’s willis
zip it
your lips ain’t on exhibit
poker face
lord knows who else been dealing
more is less but of course this
world war
chivalry opens doors
middle fingers in corner stores
what the f+ck for
i don’t tell my own homeboys stories
or report
bad match
that part
first of all
we ain’t doing no source awards
next door neighbors blame us
pointing fingers now
why you pointing yours
pretty long fall from grace
what the f+ck you want my social for
no contact
contracts not for marriage
but for divorce court