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ybk javier – roll another one lyrics


[intro: ybk javier]
i done rolled me a blunt
finna smoke another one
shot yo’ homie in the tongue
we boutta k!ll this sh-t
(we finna k!ll this sh-t)

[verse 1: ybk javier]
30 round (huh)
30 round (b-tch)
30 round
30 round (yuh yuh)
30 round
30 round
30 round clip gone make you do a flip (make you do a huh)
b-tch, i’m the god, the god of the sins (the god of the what)
i just shot yo’ homie now im going for his twin (his mu’f-ckin twin)
shoot his -ss, now throw him in a bin (dunk his -ss)
(yuh, yuh, yuh)
talk sh-t, chuy gone put you in a coffin
got hit, now you can’t stop coughin’
thought you was in, now guess who we robbin’ (you)
aww sh-t, now the whole mob’s in
tryna reach our goals, but they locked ’em
free the homies if they caught ’em
thought somerton was safe but look what we got in
prayin’ for your life, but it’s too late to bring god in
(yeah it’s too late to bring god in)
(k!ll this sh-t homie)

[verse 2: brutals]
’boutta roll another one
’boutta roll another blunt
’boutta roll another one
young -ss n-ggas, you know i’m from the streets of 602
44s up, b-tch you know that’s a crew, suwoop
yo’ b-tch a bop, aye
boutta throw it up, you know what i pop
yo b-tch in the back, yeah she just so mad
i don’t give a f-ck, on sight, on gang
choppa make it sing
make it bling
hit you in yo’ knee
i ain’t missin, we ain’t firin’ back, we firin first
i put you in that dirt
call me a$ap ferg
n-gga i put in work, aye aye
young -ss n-ggas trynna make it up
you think i wrote this sh-t, d-mn nah i freestyled
i been goin real wild
b-tch you know i do it like bow wow, aye
young -ss n-ggas tryna make it up
choppa on my hip, with a beam, you gone get f-cked up
on sight, on gang
on gang, on gang
aye, we just young -ss n-ggas tryna make it up, aye

[outro: brutals]
’boutta roll another one
’boutta roll another blunt
’boutta roll another one
’boutta roll another blunt