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yeat – i admit* lyrics


…was enough, was enough, was enough
i was broke, i was down
i was down bad, but i’m up now, i’m really up
yeah, i was outside in a bentley truck, yeah
i was outside didn’t give a f+ck
i was outside i was makin’ money
i was outside, but i’m [?]

is it bad that i served but i couldn’t [?]
is it bad that you couldn’t finish?
in a bet, i lost every digit
is it bad when you— (woah)
woah, is it bad when you— (yeah)
is it? when you [?] that you, [?] wit’ it (woah)
does it really ever hurt to try leave it
even though you said you, already did it
when you told me that you, really wit’ it
you a broke ass bum, just admit it

i admit every time i’m a psychopath
i admit every timе i cried to laugh
i remembеr the times we used to have
i remember the nights we used to have
even remember times when they was bad
even remember times we never had (yeah)
i could see all between the lies that you said, that you wouldn’t do
and times that you said that you’d come, but you never do
there were planes, yeah they fly, yeah they fly, ’til they never do
we would crash, and we burn, turn the [?] to another [?]
to go back and do things that we said that we…

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