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ying yang twins – hoes lyrics


(feat. jacki-o)

i hate hoes
i hate hoes
i hate hoes

all these hoes is the motherf-cking same,
play you to the left like a motherf-cking lame,
call you out you motherf-cking name,
f-ck you all lames
i got game!
i hate hoes, hoes hate me [x4]

[d roc:]
forreal b-tch, don’t take the sh-t wrong
thinking i’m nice i’ll break you jawbone
get the f-ck on
leave me alone
b-tch you better go on
see, you all hoes ain’t optimistic
c-ckblockin b-tches
you unproper b-tches
what’s the problem b-tches?
you say your n-gg- hurt your feelins
well, hoes done hurt mine
not once, not twice,
but b-tch all the time
so i’m a dog to a broad
have ’em all crying,
i done cried before,
that don’t make me a hoe
that just show me where my feelins ain’t supposed to go
see, i got the magic stick you dumb b-tch
other n-gg- you f-ck with, be on some punk sh-t
and i’m gonna show you all i don’t need no help,
just as soon as i loosen my belt


i need a moment,
i can’t stand b-tches and hoes
’cause a b-tch is a b-tch and a hoe gonna hoe,
but a woman hold her own
she got her own home
she drive her own car
buying drinks at the bar
take a n-gg- out to eat
take a n-gg- to the mall
treat a n-gg- good
and wash a n-gg- draws
but b-tches ain’t sh-t,
always talking sh-t
they wanna be the sh-t
but is they sh-t? no
and hoes, they f-ck off the god d-mn chain
everything and everything but don’t take names
so that’s a nasty hoe and i can’t do sh-t wit it
please get out my face i don’t need a case
yeah, i love you all respectful women
independent women
i takes ’em out all the time
but you all hit the baggage need to keep on tracking
i ain’t speaking i ain’t talking to nothing


just keep my name out you mouth
before you find out how a down south hoe will out
you’re a hater, she’s a hater, three a hater, for
everywhere i go i see some hating -ss hoes
southern belle, jazzy belle, never monogamous
?? be hot because my deeper asophagus
still they run up on me, smile and phone me,
laugh ’cause soon as i turn my back they stab it
learn to play fair
stop trying to care
two hoes to one n-gg-,
b-tch, learn to share
baby, you dead -ss broke
for hating on the rich chicks
see how i flow?
b-tch, put it on you wish list
two seater wit the chill on
my baby daddy put the grill on
fixing to put the heels on
chrome spokes with the low pros
and the trunk funk blows up the cedar on the dashboard


this is the mens national anthem for this year
all you real women,
you all can sing this sh-t too
if you a hoe and you hate another hoe,
you can sing this sh-t too
if you a b-tch and you hate and b-tch,
you can sing this sh-t too
so everybody’s gonna sing this sh-t
i hate hoes, they hate me too