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ynkeumalice – cycles lyrics


cycles be cycles
it go round and round
how emotions and feels be victory laps
sometimes in need to relax enjoy the view
of fall
how cycle be season
how cycles repeats and recycle
to many times i been on my lonely
days i about lost it how it be
then to till looking back it i wasn’t
up like i am trying to invest more
be more successful then was
getting cash getting bands
how it be the money for me
how it be the love for me
how it be еmotions and feels
i feel like i’m dying need to live more
feel likе i been on rollcoasrer
fresh starts fresh begins
never to look back
i’m taking way to much fall
to much i’m cycling need
to get back my life
it been zombie life
how it be life succa
how my energy ain’t the same i was
youthful then now i’m gray like clouds
imma be just fine right now i have to
get back to my grind and hustle more
put in the work more
put in the efforts more
gotta stay true gotta stay humble
about life and how i move
like waves i jump but my toes on ice
frost bitten by the rollie
ik cypher that

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