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ynug – independence day lyrics


i’m straight coming for the goods
oh my bad lemme me introduce
i’m batman and robin in the hood
back man i thought you understood all the things i tried to do
it’s only super quiet how we move
all that chit chat n-gg-s do i was never in the mood
rather get money with the crew
couple bad tings, do em good, do em very very good
i’m standing where the greatest n-gg-s stood with the loud pack high as f-ck it’s different type of view
and i’m a independent typa dude
never let another man tell me how to make my own tunes
if i gotta do it then it’s done. if you ever see me with your hun then she’s gone baby gone
always making runs for the funds so if you ever need a rapper dead i will do it for a sum and
laugh like that was really fun
spaz like rappers used to come back when 106 was on
now i’m taking everybody lunch
lames tweet at me i tell em #stickitupyourc-nts
peng ting sitting in the front middle finger to the sun roof
that’s the way she like to stunt
balling with the player of the month
i got to say peace to my gs. shout to my day ones
who put these mothaf-ckas on the wave
if it ain’t me it ain’t jxmmy you already know the name
sure we doing damage to the game
if they ever ask just know that we the only ones to blame
your click game so d-mn lame ma whip game nick name insane in the membrane
and you lip sync on the same stage where your clique sang, clique hang steady, on the way with my trigger and the blade

yeah! back on that whipping in the kitchen sh-t, birds chirping in the back, basically been in the trap, can’t make this up. haaa summer salt officially done, yo jim! this one’s mad! truss me!!