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yo gotti – feelin’ myself lyrics


ay n-gg-..
when you talkin’ memphis you talkin’ me..
n-gg- i am memphis
who the only motherf-cker with a half a million dollars
worth of cars & everything white biotch ?
i’m cocaine crazy!

to my city north memphis where they get get it gutta
& i learned how to sell cocaine from my big brother
while tryna tell my sister to carry her -ss to school
gotta do the right thing cuz your brother breakin the
what an inspiration
what a role model
man i’m tryna follow footsteps of my father
& he a og n-gg- straight outta hyde park
it took me so many years to get along with hyde park
i left that v sh-t alone & took upon a job
i put the north on the map
each & every part ,
each & every hood ,
every single gangsta ,
all the dope boys ,
& every gang banger,
would you believe me if i told you i was a millionaire
my lamborghini paid for .
& the truth is i don’t f-ckin’ care
i don’t respect money
respect real n-gg-s
want for money only get you killed n-gg-
can’t buy love ,
can’t hide hate
100% percent fact ,
most n-gg-s fake ,
most b-tches lie ,
but some b-tches don’t ,
most n-gg-s change ,
but my n-gg-s won’t
n-gg- welcome to memphis
i’m in the kitchen
sunday night it’s goin down,
fall in at visions
pop me some bottles,
find me some b-tches
just gimme a room,
handle my business
goin to river (river)
look at the bridge (bridge)
blunt to the head
think bout the sh-t that i did
walk in the bank ,
everyone helps
walkin’ outta the bank ,
& i’m feelin’ myself
cut on the tv ,
& i’m seein’ myself
real talk dawg i really like bein myself
bet , mtv i’m seein’ myself,
real talk dawg i really like bein myself (gotti!)
really like bein myself (gotti!)
if i was you i would wanna be me too.
broke -ss n-gg-s!
ha ha ha!
n-gg-s just… wanna rap like gotti.
n-gg-s got a fake gotti twitter page.
all kind of sh-t.

feelin’ myself ,
said i’m feelin’ myself
bein’ myself
said i really like bein myself