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you-c – cough drops & water bottles lyrics


i’m a try this because it’s a paradox, it’s weird as fuck. so if you get this, then awesome
i don’t know if anybody got my first mixtape, cough drops & water bottles
but if you do i fuck with you

[verse 1:]
i wrote my third letter, i’m cannabis clouds living
concrete jungle surviving. this is peter parker’s vision
i’m a freak and a geek, you other niggas is too veen
they high and sober, i’m flying over. my snow boots will knock you out clean
this is the day dream of a lifeaholic, who’s been tripping
my body noise will rip the void of time, and now your missing
so light it up, you think i’m devilish, well your dead wrong
my success is from the bottom up of this song
i’m from a town known as “chi-anne”, not cayenne
it’s been a pleasure ‘fore the curtains started rising
i thought i told you bout the root of all evil
that’s the motivation for these tricks, they must be knievel
i’m off them…

[hook: x8]
cough drops & water bottles

let’s see if you can catch up
you ready because it’s a little confusing

[verse 2:]
now switch it up, because money’s the operation
while your leaving, why don’t you take this middle finger towards the nation
mutual masturbation, we coming for chicago
i’m elevated from the bottom to the top ho
the flow is righteous and heaven sent
they blowing cannabis from out the d-ch-ss of austria ‘fore she have a fit
is it a vision? they’re walking on ice and called it water
intoxication, they’re fighting it ‘fore their life is over
whores and nerds, spider-man couldn’t find the words
when you’ve been struggling forever from out the fucking burbs
i guess that’s why i’m high off life if you can understand this
then see the creativity, i wrote this message off them…

[hook: x8]