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young buck – buck the world coming soon! lyrics


aight my n+ggas
i think you n+ggas understand me a lil bit better now, ya understand, ca$hville records
g+unit south and make sure you put a dollar sign on all the s’s too, b+tch
drama, n+ggas know what it is right now, you understand (early!)
they, they, they startin’ to feel the buck
and if they don’t they got to n+gga ’cause this sh+t is comin’ every motherf+ckin’ month
like i told you n+ggas on the first one, n+gga
it’s like a b+tch period, ya understand what i’m sayin’?
this sh+t is comin’ every motherf+ckin’ month, n+gga
and my album comin’ soon my n+ggas, so stay tuned
the name of my sh+t is buck the world, n+gga
so follow me and i’ll be back
dj drama, gangsta grill, let’s go!
oh my bad my n+gga we at the end of this sh+t
i said “let’s go” you god d+mn right, i’m out

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