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young dolph – the plug best friend lyrics


[verse 1]
800 dolla sweatsuit
and some mothaf-cking timb boots
i don’t f-ck with basic hoes they too simple
work a basic b-tch like a pimp do
nah she ain’t selling -ss, she driving with the gas
rolled a superman blunt, half cookie half hash
your b-tch wanna ride with me because my car go really fast
left her now she feeling sad
i’m too busy getting cash
she said where the love at
i said i don’t love back
told her i keep my love the same place i keep my slugs at
f-ck all that, pick up my phone where my n-gga cuz at
keep a baby bottle like tommy from the rugrats
now i ain’t got no job like tommy off of martin
all we do is smoke weed, f-ck, shop and party
ghetto -ss b-tch but she swear she a barbie
4 am she lurking in my hotel lobby
am i bout to bend her over, sh-t probably
she told me that she got the sloppy
i cooked that b-tch like hibachi
go to magic city just to eat steak and broccoli
they hating but can’t stop me
my side b-tch wear cavalli
my mexican girl i call her hot tamale
fifty p’s of strong, in the empty apartment
got married to the streets and fizzle was the best man
went and found the plug and turned him into my best friend
i told the plug we till death to us part
started running plays like patrick ewing and john starks

uh huh
its dolph
who me
yeah i’m the plug best friend
that’s me
real n-gga sh-t mane
these n-ggas don’t see me with this sh-t mane hahaha