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young dro – 3krazy lyrics


[intro: dj drama (young dro)]
they want what’s crazy
they too crazy
(3krazy, way, you know what i mean)
(f-ck you sayin’ n-gg-?)
day two!

[verse 1]
n-gg- imma hound like a beagle on my hind
dope on the pound with an eagle on the front
dro, he k!llable, he was on simpson
sitting in the rear view just smokin’ on a blunt
i’m hard, b-tch, i got 25 sports
blow a n-gg- head off, 25 yards
imma go nuts if you test me a little
imma leave one of y’all f-ck n-gg- crippled
shoot ’em in the nuts, in the guts, in the liver
leave a n-gg- -ss with the ducks in the river
k!ll 2 yards at a god d-mn time
imma tear one of y’all god-mn spine
high speed chase tell the cops it’s over
you can’t catch my god-mn motor
fly like a b-tterfly, cold as a cola
hammertime, b-tch, can’t take this, over

we be standin’ on the block, 3kray
shake that thang, let it pop, 3kray
anyone of y’all tryina stop me, crazy
not one, not two, imma go 3kray (x3)
imma go 3kray
not one, not two, imma go 3kray

[verse 2]
ride around on my white b
i’m glad to h-ll you don’t like me
the beetle on the rim [?]
we takin’ out a race on the freeway
f-ck that, yea b-tch, i’m 3kray
f-ck one, f-ck two, im three pay
geeked up in the hotel three dayyy
i thug this, i love this
the streets go hard this, 3krazy, they f-ck this!
she asked me why i changed my name
i said, sh-t b-tch, i finna chan’ the game
polo [?] the thang
cartier lean, can’t change the frames