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young luke – new girl lyrics



i got a new girl
but she different
i found a new girl
but it’s different

cause, she ain’t you
no, she ain’t you babe
can’t replace you

[verse 1]

high heels clicking on the pavement
i went to see her, but the parking lot was vacant
how come every time i want her she is taken?
never alone for too long, she’s impatient

couldn’t find what she was looking for
so she’s off trying to make a bold statement
but you’re not relevant anymore
so it’s time for me to find a replacement

i think she really into guys who
have the muscles and the tattoos
you were an option once, but i’m done waiting
you could never choose, so go ahead date him

and he can have ’em all, cause i don’t want ’em
rather be alone, than with a problem
and that’s, all you are to me now
that’s, all you are to me


[verse 2]

her whole life’s taken from an internet blog
spends hours in her room on that windows laptop
conventions for college, but she does it for her parents
got major baggage, you can tell, it’s apparent

she pulls off the look but she’s trying too hard
used to have standards, but set too high a bar
she’s always asking her friends where the good guys are
but she knows they’re around, she just not looking that hard

she’s into modeling, jewelry, fashion end of the industry
always wearing new clothes she special ordered from italy
but it’s really nothing special here
uncultured city so you never see her

i heard she finally got to see the world
and she’ll be fine, she’s a good girl
but that’s, all she is to me now
that’s all she is to me


[verse 3]

everything’s paid for by her parents
got her own place now, she ain’t sharing
she says she want a real man but she’s faking
i think she’s stuck in the past, and can’t escape it

she’s still in love with the first guy
couldn’t get over him the first time
i think she want to be a big star
but her talent probably never take her that far

and i see her eyes fade out to the caymans
i think she’s thinking of taking a big vacation
knowing her she’ll probably get to go and take it
cause her daddy pay for every plane ticket

honors and scholarships
wasted, abandon ship
school, never finished it
you’re feeling distant

and that’s, all you are to me now
that’s, all you are to me