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young scooter – intro (the recipe) lyrics


yung lan on the track
you already know this that motherf-ckin’ count music
i ain’t gon’ keep telling’ n-gg-s
you hear me, get your calculator

count music n-gg-, get your forks, boy
get your stainless steel pot and a brick, boy
it’s time to go back to the basics, n-gg-s snitchin’, boy
if you a hustler cook your own dope in that kitchen, boy
i bounced back, cooked crack, got these rapers jealous
these n-gg-s get the big head like they forgot who helped ’em
dirty money, legal money, don’t put it together
birds called, yeah them birds fly in any weather
rest in peace to lo, king of bank head
i’m the jugg king, i got real bread
seventeen five, b-tch i still got it
i remixed the half and half and i ain’t even dry ’em
i got chickens, i got chickens, everyday i fry ’em
how the f-ck n-gg-s live and real n-gg-s dyin’
trump crazy, he just p-ssed a law for d-ck ridin’
human calculator, scooter always multiplyin’
i know so much about the street, n-gg-
i know like fifty ways to eat, n-gg-
i’ll get you whacked, i ain’t gon’ beef with ya
fifty to a hundred bands a week, n-gg- (count up!)