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young torres – dominican flavor lyrics


se young torres jo joabla espenel jo megusa republica dominicana
uno dos tres quatro cinco sais  young torres joabla pocita espinol se jo megusta reggaeton se jo keiara mouy lende mouy bueno jo soy moy megusta megusta el musica young torres young torres i throw it up you make me say seniorita se jo seniour jo se megusta de republica dominicana santidomingo se similar de miami throw my hands to the sky jo say im still fly se jo megusta de reggaetone dominican republica dominicana se jo se jo megusta englasia de dios
mouy buena mouy lende de seniorita se joe whats up yo i throw my hands to the sky you see me in the club you aint got to ask why say young torres i lived in the dominican republic from 2000 to 2003 thats when i discovered rap i wanted to make a track back then but now im young torres im back rapping they used to call me lil rem back in the day making them demos se jo se jo mouy creative jo used to megusta lil romeo back in the 2000s well them moy beueno days see i make raps like djs you see me in the club im rocking with them j’s im so millennial you see it im my swagg you see it in my style mouy mouy buano you know throw it up like waka flocka flame though you see me in the club you know i got a brain though young torres you see me ball hard say seinor say we ball hard jo megusta seniorita jo make them borittos jo no pourto rican im part dominican i used to live there you see me in the club you catch me at the fair because im balling you see me in the club no shy calling no mouy mallo you see me in the club you know i got the fashion say to idiete but no estupido just like reggaetone artist say romeo santos say gasolina you see me in the club you know i ball like trina something like trick daddy im so miami say c-ma estas de yo amiga