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young_inso/\/\niak – deeper than color lyrics


ok…ok…ok…i get it, we look different, you lack vision…you see this…

is deeper than color, deeper than race
deeper than each other, deeper than this whole place
i am sick and tired of hearing everybody use their words like mace
afraid to say it to a face of a different color, yeah that’s fake
i don’t see white, i don’t see black
i see a reason to unite and bring us all back
i see a civil war, a million poor, people knocking on the doors
ripple effect coming towards every single number on the board
can we – please – be real for a minute
before we are diminished and just add onto the digits
i realize my pigment’s just a figment get the image?
it’s so vivid i was given this ability to mimic
all the rappers and the music and the ways that they were livin
people mad cause i was choosin to be human not a villian
i’m still a white man, and this i understand
you all are my fam and i hope that we can band
in the near future, but do whatever may suit ya
i’ll hold my hand out even to the nearest shooter
cause we all need love, even if it shoots ya
just bandage it together and create another suture
it’s deeper than color, deeper than race
deeper than the skin you’re in
deeper than your mother’s origin and every trace
deeper than the double standards that we live in
i am troubled because i know it is hard to listen
to me…can’t you see…
all are born free but we can’t create community
it’s a tragedy why can’t we be
all in one not scavenging
to find a group to fit in
let’s get rid of all the scrambling
it’s damaging
we grew up like eggs they wanna scramble us
examples of the government’s ways
it may sound crazy i’m not phasing
i have found that we’re all prey and
we just need to find the right to fight
in spite of our dark days and nights
ight… i think the lid was on too tight
but to my delight i unscrewed out the light
i am pysched, thank god for my whit
it’s fyb the trinity but throw up your 6
throw up your 6, throw up your 6
put 3 and 3 together and just throw up your 6
throw us in the mix, we’re tired of the tricks
we’re all human beings there’s no need for the fits