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your dog – droool lyrics


started out in a fog
but i know it’s supposed to mean somethin’
if i wither away
i can’t escape
you’re like [?]
oh i’m droolin’
oh lord, i’ve been droolin’

ended up in a haze
but i’m afraid that i can’t see straight
for the first time
i wanted somethin’ that i knew i could never have
yeah, i wanted somethin’ that was out of my reach

i’ve been tryin’
to get you gone but
i’m just scr+pin’ by

i don’t wanna die with you still in my head
but at this rate that’s how it’s gonna end
i’m just gonna pretend
everything is going as i planned

’cause i don’t wanna get bent
so i can take your advice

oh i started out in a haze
i’ve made mistakes
i’m not god, but at least i don’t think i am
i’m somethin’, i’m–
oh i’m somethin’ that’s for sure
i’m somethin’
somethin’ short of you