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yours are the only ears – fire in my eyes lyrics


i’m sitting inside
the room that is now mine
it comes in waves
i wanna take care of you some days

do you want to sit in my room
and listen to music?
i had something to tell you
but i forgot it

will you try not to lie?
ignore the sword between your thighs
the womxn that you’ve compromised
ignore the fire in my eyes

do you want to go on your roof
and stare at the pavement?
i imagine my body on the ground
am i a good persxn?
am i a good persxn
am i a good persxn

i recall my hands around your throat
in the darkness of our hole
the colors are all muddy now
my angry footprint on your mouth

do you want to sit on a hill
and fall down with me?
we could make more coffee
or just fall back asleep