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ytcracker – dugdig lyrics


silent john incremental
another silent instrumental
the nerd rap existential
people compare me to mc chris or frontalot
but the fact is i predate them with significance
i’m the oldest geek rapper by far save k&r
compiling kernels open bracket causing racket
mit nerds throw your laser pen in the air
and wave it all around like it had no
now follow instructions professor whiteys discussions
consist of nothing
but incoherent rambling and babbling
but you should still take notes cuz you never know
whats happening
i’ll drop a little nugget a tidbit if you will
there were four united states presidents named bill
if you run out of hit points the game will shout
(your life force is running out)

if you dig this
then you dug this
cause im all about nerd life word life
if you dig this
then you dug this
cause im all about nerd life word life

let me start again
put it on like a cardigan
swing it like my name was mad martigan
which reminds me
warwick davis was willow and an ewok
leonard nimoy was galvatron and spock
if that aint typecast i dunno what is
talk about predestiny n-body gets the best of me
i’ve only played one role my whole lifetime
the nerd lifeline
streamed through a wigger pipeline
so no one can bite mine
cuz mine is original and i write rhymes
to burn on a cd play in your miniv
soccer moms yodel back yodel at the little me
i got a sidekick i gotta stay connected
watch out for my dcom or youll get infected
and you dont wanna be one of my bots
cause i see it all like sauron the cyclops
and i wont hesitate to drop your whole netblock
if youre acting up and youre dumber than a pet rock
i’m about this nerd life as you can see
spreading like a virus on mp3

yeah yeah, on mp3
uh uh stc
agnostic one
sound like john
yeah yeah
nerd life
graphics calculator
the g is for gangsta
digital step yeah
you know how we do