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yung gleesh – please lyrics


you don’t want work for me
got something for that -ss boy
think ya work for free
i got pounds and bags with that cash boy
you ain’t my cup of tea
i got pounds of that boof batch
trash bags zipped down to my last boy
instagram this weed (all dis weed! lean!)
i just sold 3 qp’s
i need four whole oz’s
when im sippin that lean (dat leaan!)
an im smokin irene, if ya know what i mean
its yung gleesh, yung gleetchie
an i f-ck wit bd’s
im from dc , but shouts out pee wee
im from northeast? but i f-ck wit gd’s


n-gg-, pleaaasee
serve me some lean (dat leaaan! ayeee!)
pleaaasee! i need some leaaan
pleaaasee! serve me some weed! (ahhhh!)
pleaaaseee! im so gleetchie
its like pleaaaseee! serve me some lean!

[2nd verse]
turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up
turn up it all gon’ turn up
yung gleesh gon get burnt up
instagram get hooked up
work wit da work
b-tch ya know yung gleesh was booked up
and i serve that boof bag plus i got it gook’d up
serving drugs ya time got looked up
shortie want da work wit da work
gleetchie ain’t with 1017
but i seen u with with chief keef
na im down in the bas-m-nt clique with wayne [?] and meechie
im in simple city with momo down in bc
that molly low wit [?]when i see ya down in [?]
i was taking [?] from n-gg-s and that was very recent
i was runnin in n-gg-s houses cuz the money was very decent
(woah) lemme slow it down a bit
one time i took some [?] and the n-gg- had a fit
i robbed a n-gg- one time and he only had a [?]