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yung smokey – smokeys world lyrics



uh, yuh, uh, yuh, yuh (turn me up)

i don’t really wanna f+ck i just want to guap
i been making big money and she suckin’ me off
i don’t really want relations i’m just trynna hit the club
dirty ass hoe want me when she off the milly rock

1, 2, 3, 4
i just f+ck a b+tch then kick her right out the door
weeks later she came blowin’ up my phone i hit ignore
then i move onto the next, f+ck your b+tch is a wh0re [haha]
put a check in this b+tch, imma ball out with this hit
shawty checkin’ out my fit now she suckin’ on my d+ck
don’t be a lil b+tch cause’ you didn’t make the cut
i been of a xan since like 8 i don’t give a f+ck

mhm, i don’t give a f+ck , mhm, i don’t give a f+ck , mhm, i don’t give a f+ck
posted wit my brothers sippin’ wockhardt, we don’t give no f+cks we got sum cold hearts
runnin’ up them bands like the kiwik e+mart, still young pull up in a foreign car [f+ckin’ skrrt skrrt]

just turned 18 and i’m chasin’ a check, feel it in my soul already know i’m up next
can’t trust these b+tches just want diamonds round my neck
i don’t know if your loyal, but i’ll put you to the test

suckin’ me up, while i’m countin’ my bricks

[can’t forget 7]
welcome to smokey’s world
welcome to smokey’s world