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yung zombie flow – such is life lyrics


such is life- yung zombie flow

such is life caught up in a strife
get all poetic as i grip the mic
imma tap into my mind and take flight
people want to fight but i don’t think thats right
i travel with a heavy mind but fly light
up in the sky bouncing and weaving like a kite
like a lions bite i got a lot of might
but life is nothing but a long night

such is life i’m all about my grind
all about watching the time as it p-sses by
not aiming for a life that is regular
everybody get all technical then get mad at yer
i just telling you how it is don’t shoot the messenger
travelling through life and i’ve had a lot of p-ssengers
but they all vanish like i’m committing m-ssarces
characters turn up as life occurs
express my self through the use of words
hear the sound of nature and all the birds
and still end up glorifying the curb

they just fail in comparison
pail in my hand son as i climb and run up the mountain
drink out of the fountain of youth
infinite youth in the booth
i’m broke like a chipped tooth
never lose cruise through the winter blues
wearing everybody’s shoes please save your views
your thoughts are there to amuse
life is life i win and i lose
don’t glorify the fools i use the tools
to break the rules cool?