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yung_xpozetm ft. the oven & thenikonly – tomato lyrics


anish i saved baking your sh-t for another track
yak now i’m back with trinity tell me why you h-lla fat
that’s a fact, dressin like you ken bone, where your hairline need a map, breath smelling like it’s cr-p, sit down take a lap

you talkin bout biddies, you smell h-lla sh-tty, you never be litty, you think this your city, no munuc committee, we used to have pity, no one think you pretty, f-ck

think he smart but his intelligence be sub par
people talkin to you only for free food and car


car gar zar, tryna get with kar kar, boi you sound h-lla weird like you the hard r
lips always movin like you jar jar, stomach bout to blow up like you a dark star
lying about grades think you got a disorder, you think that you funny but you ain’t the porter
i wish we could cut your weight into quarter, but you’d still feel like lifting up a mortar

thinks that he cool for coming to school late, eating out everyday how you gonna lose weight
jasmine dont like you dont know why you trippin, playlist so trash every song we be skipping
standards too high needa lower to kolli, but you not even varsity sci oly
you should be goalie, cuz you take up the whole f-cking net you fat -ss

anish sprayin cologne but he bootleg rick
bout p-ss this mic off to my boi sliknik


anish, you h-lla pudgy like you be some play-dough
stop wearing red you look like a tomato
you think you leading think that you be the top resident
tell me why you got 45 for the president

bout to flex again, b-tch im bout to flex again
anish you lookin like your diet only mexican
testament, trinity this your testament
i’m the only captain you just stay irrelevant

you can’t talk b-tch why you goin pre law
only scales that you tippin be a see saw
people sayin everything you do actually dumb
we dropped a lot of normal heat but your mg a ton