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yvncc – like a dog lyrics


too many of them finna bite me
only reason deyn happen yet dat i ain blow
look at my frail ass psyche
can’t even handle da weed sometimes u know

i be so sick of myself when i look at da others who doin it bigger than me
chasing people like a muf+ckn dog im tired im panting im tryna eat

lookin at all da maneuvers we do on computers
it roll like a scooter or sum
b+tches be accin real tough on da scene
like dey affiliated w shooters or sum
soon as he dead said i knew it o what
thinkin its special cuz u in a rut
really be spilling my soul n my guts
on da occasion i come out the cut

mahneh boy he ain groovy
sh+t ion blame anyone for da rhetoric
breakin bucks too quick ima lose it
u can spend on a b+tch or be celibate

say dat da game diluted whatever
f+ckin wit quan a real go getter
needin da b+tter man i cannot settle
we flipping the difference n do it better