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yvngkansai – nine eleven lyrics


you know what it is man, big roccstvr clique
roccstvr clique in this b+tch
16k out here (f+ck)
free bayne, f+ck all you n+ggas (yuh yeah)

[verse 1]
i’m a ninja tyler blevins
i’m boutta crash like it’s f+cking nine eleven
sticked up n+gga since i was 7
.762’s send that boy to heaven
g19 send that boy to god
he not in the field that n+gga a fraud
trickshot jfk like cod
ion play games but i gotta mod
but i ball like gin0bili
in that f+cking plane ima crash like i’m kobe
i just f+cked that ho’ she ain’t even f+cking know me
rich as f+ck n+gga, go to wendy’s for the four piece
shield potion on me you can’t knock me
bad white b+tch from the burbs tryna top me
b+tch i’m yung zah, in my hood you can’t top me
b+tch ima glo’ p+ssy n+gga come and watch
yuh watch me

b+tch ass n+gga not bout’ it bruh
16k, sixteen karma we out here boy stop f+cking playing n+gga
yuh, do this sh+t for real
nah i’m just f+cking with y’all