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yvngwalker – disswars (but nobody to diss) lyrics



got a one, we be flippin’ that bl!ck
i be feeding yo mom that sh+t
she be suckin’ my mother f+cking d+ck (b+tch, yeah)
i’m ’bout to run up lets go
b+tch, just left slob on my d+ck, yeah, that was a nasty hoe
i’m finna top off, on big yeah, smoke on d+ck, yeah
she look like a tit’ yeah, from your bl!ck, yeah
that hoe my number one bit’, yeah
smoke on d+ck, yeah
this hoe be smoking on d+ck, yeah
i’m not gon’ flinch, yeah
stop all that d+ck riding
n+gga’s be all on that “b+tch signin”
drinking that water no dasani
n+ggas be all on that d+ck riding, yeah
b+tch, i’m all on flint riding
n+ggas be talking, while kids writing
b+tch, don’t be talking, your dead silent
i’m ’bout to talk on my list writing, yeah

yeah, come on b+tch, let’s go yеah
ooh, b+tch n+gga, keep stealin’ my flow yeah
f+cking on yo b+tch and all the doors are just closed yeah
i’ma steal yo hoe put a droptop without the floors yeah

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